Hermanson Saddles

Not all saddles are created equal

If you’re looking for a custom saddle that speaks of workmanship, quality and custom fit for both you and your horse, then you should consider a custom saddle by Victor Hermanson. With thirty years of experience, Victor has been making saddles the old way. No short cuts, Victor is one of the few who still builds a saddle with a full leather ground seat.

Herman Oak leathers, quality hardware and years of experience combines to become a Hermanson saddle. The cantles, horncovers and all stress points are hand stitched. Each piece is individually cut shaped and fitted by hand to give lasting quality and appearance. All saddles leave our shop oiled and with pre-twisted stirrup leathers and are ready to ride.

You choose Nickle, Brass, Stainless Steel or Silver hardware.

Experience the difference with a custom built saddle today.

Call on Victor for all of your cowboy gear :
Back Cinches
Breast Collars
Custom Belts
Spur Straps
Holsters/Gun Leather
Cowboy Action Rigs

Custom Chaps:
All Chaps are made to order, see chart for your measurements.

1. Hip measurement, 1 inches below belt.
2. Outside leg to floor.
3. Inside leg to floor.
4. Thigh measurement.
5. Knee measurement.

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